Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dollywink New Collection - Otona Style

So Tsubasa's new collection of Dollywink is finally released, this time it's Otona Style which are more suitable for a more adult or grown up look. In total she released 18 new products, including top and bottom lashes, eyelash glue, eyebrow mascara, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder, and eyelash case. However I'm just going to show the new false lashes here, and more can be quite on their site~

The 3 top lashes
No. 9 - Natural Dolly 「ナチュラルドーリー」
No. 10 - Sweet Cat  「スイートチャット」

No. 11 - Pure Sweet 「ピュアスイート」

and the 3 bottom lashes
No. 12 -Feminine Girl 「フェミニンガール」
No. 13 - Baby Girl 「ベイビーガールー」

No. 14 - Natural Cute 「ナチュラルキュート」
these lashes are all priced 1260円each which containt 2 pairs per box.

and here's a video on the making of the new Dollywink collection

Even though I haven't seen these false lashes myself personally, but I really like them as they are simple and natural looking, which will be great for any occasion.


  1. I'm so excited about her new range, I love her products though they're a bit expensive. I love the old packaging though >.<

  2. @Vermillion
    i think the price is alright since the quality is quite good.
    yeah the previous packaging was way cuter~


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