Thursday, October 6, 2011

Renzo's Bar

Had an amazing Italian dinner yesterday at Renzo's Bar with some friends, even though the food was quite pricey, but it was gourmet:027: and the food was delicous :016:want my pasta back:029:

I ordered the 'Pappardelle al ragù con polpette' - homemade ribbon pasta with a beef, tomato and meatball ragù which was $23 and amazing~

What the atmosphere looked like inside, and everyone digging in:019:

a lovely relaxed, casual atmosphere, just perfect

what I wore, as the attire was meant to be semi-formal:

dress: Bardot
cardigan: Cocolatte
necklace: some Korean shop
heels: Wittners

And a big thanks to the organisers, Kelly and Christine who made the night spendid:028: If you live in Melbourne, definately go check out Renzo's:026:

That's all for now, byee


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