Monday, October 31, 2011

last one

It's time to say goodbye to the wonderful magazine Popsister as their last issue ended this November, so long Popsister :036: So I went and bought today, was even told by the magazine store that it was their last issue :037:

the cover with all the Popsister models

a few pages of my favourites:

loving these retro dresses from Minirdees

really cute peter-pan collars :045:
haven't found any good ones in stores though:042:

really loving how animal print is back :001:
time to dig out all those leopard-print items :026:

Don't have school tomorrow since it's Melbourne Cup Day :012:don't know what I'll be doing, but shopping is probably the answer:034: And happy halloween, even though Australian's don't really celebrate it, but seeing a spooked-up house made me feel the halloween spirit pun not intended ever so slightly.


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