Tuesday, October 25, 2011

hearts and diamonds

Just sharing with you guys something came today that made me squeal a little on the inside:
le wonderful pouch that can't be described using words, the Shu Uemura x Aya Takano 2010 Christmas Abracadabra Collection Limited edition makeup pouch omg so long.

When this first came out, I didn't think far enough to buying this online as I thought it would've been all sold out, but when I saw megu's post I knew I had to buy one myself (to twin ourselves up), so after searching through ebay, my love was finally found :040: Even though I bought it for $40AUD it is so worth it, knowing that it was only sold in Japan and limited to 300 in the US.

with such an intricate and detailed design, two expandable interiors, two mesh compartments, lovely heart and diamond zipper, what more could I ask for?

With a few items in it already, even though it may look quite small it sure can hold a lot of cosmetics:016: Seriously I give this pouch 20/10, from the design, to the quality and the interior design, everything is just so perfect:001:

Can't wait til my other orders come, byee:029:


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