Monday, October 31, 2011

last one

It's time to say goodbye to the wonderful magazine Popsister as their last issue ended this November, so long Popsister :036: So I went and bought today, was even told by the magazine store that it was their last issue :037:

the cover with all the Popsister models

a few pages of my favourites:

loving these retro dresses from Minirdees

really cute peter-pan collars :045:
haven't found any good ones in stores though:042:

really loving how animal print is back :001:
time to dig out all those leopard-print items :026:

Don't have school tomorrow since it's Melbourne Cup Day :012:don't know what I'll be doing, but shopping is probably the answer:034: And happy halloween, even though Australian's don't really celebrate it, but seeing a spooked-up house made me feel the halloween spirit pun not intended ever so slightly.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

hearts and diamonds

Just sharing with you guys something came today that made me squeal a little on the inside:
le wonderful pouch that can't be described using words, the Shu Uemura x Aya Takano 2010 Christmas Abracadabra Collection Limited edition makeup pouch omg so long.

When this first came out, I didn't think far enough to buying this online as I thought it would've been all sold out, but when I saw megu's post I knew I had to buy one myself (to twin ourselves up), so after searching through ebay, my love was finally found :040: Even though I bought it for $40AUD it is so worth it, knowing that it was only sold in Japan and limited to 300 in the US.

with such an intricate and detailed design, two expandable interiors, two mesh compartments, lovely heart and diamond zipper, what more could I ask for?

With a few items in it already, even though it may look quite small it sure can hold a lot of cosmetics:016: Seriously I give this pouch 20/10, from the design, to the quality and the interior design, everything is just so perfect:001:

Can't wait til my other orders come, byee:029:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

RIP Dotty

Dear Dotty,
Thank you for being with me these past 3 and a half years, you were my favourite hen out of your two friends Cocoa and Fifi, even though you were often bullied by Fifi you still moved on and went about your daily routine as a hen. I hope you really enjoyed those lovely days sunbaking, digging for bugs and having dirt baths with Cocoa and Fifi, and having conversation-like talks with me.

I don't know what to say next, but I just wish you enjoy your next life.

Lots of love

Fifi and Dotty

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


finally free from the chinese oral exam! so goodbye to '满族服饰/manchurian clothing' and general conversation, but hello to viscom and chinese written exam, oh wells one done two to go~

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Renzo's Bar

Had an amazing Italian dinner yesterday at Renzo's Bar with some friends, even though the food was quite pricey, but it was gourmet:027: and the food was delicous :016:want my pasta back:029:

I ordered the 'Pappardelle al ragù con polpette' - homemade ribbon pasta with a beef, tomato and meatball ragù which was $23 and amazing~

What the atmosphere looked like inside, and everyone digging in:019:

a lovely relaxed, casual atmosphere, just perfect

what I wore, as the attire was meant to be semi-formal:

dress: Bardot
cardigan: Cocolatte
necklace: some Korean shop
heels: Wittners

And a big thanks to the organisers, Kelly and Christine who made the night spendid:028: If you live in Melbourne, definately go check out Renzo's:026:

That's all for now, byee

Monday, October 3, 2011

ebay shop

hey guys,
Some of you may know that I'm having a blog sale now at the moment.
I also made an ebay shop, so you can buy some of those products there:051: which are cheaper than my blog :044:

So why not check it out yourself here and win yourselves bargain :012: or you can always haggle here for the same results :014:

Thanks for dropping by~
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