Monday, September 19, 2011

laguna moon

Got my hands on some items from lovely cindy tangs' shop, badbarbie which is based in Australia *woot*. Their service was fantastic; communication, price, quality, you name it:019: I bought the dyed floral, and the white lace blouse.

What the dyed floral looked like on the website:

what I got:
exactly the same:051:
even came with the murua tag and looks legit to me

what the white lace blouse looked like on the website:

what I got:
exactly the same, once again

wore it the other day, and everyone said the lace back was amazing~

The items that I received were 100% the same as described on their website, so I give them 5/5 for everything:016: can't wait til they get more stock in:017:


  1. aww sweet, love the white lace blouse! so pretty!
    Krissy xoxo

  2. So pretty, especially the white blouse <33!

  3. @xixi
    yes, the blouse is gorgeous~

  4. Your blog is so cute, and the stuff you got is adorable! <3

  5. @ceci
    thank you~
    you should shop from them too :)


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