Monday, September 19, 2011

gets + birthday presents

as some of you may know, I turned 17 last week:041: but, no I didn't have a party because I didn't feel that special:050: oh well 18 next year :012:

best present ever this year (from parents)a Canon powershot G12
all the pictures in this post are taken with baby G12

from my omma (kelly)
a really cute rilakkuma bin:018:

other presents are coming soon~

also won an ebay bid the other day, felt so proud, and also came on the day of my birthday :051:
I was contemplating about whether what I won was legit, but seriously for $4 who would care?

le legit wc 'I love play' tee, even came with a bag :047:
can't wait to wear it out :043:

Bought some badbarbie items, and that post will be coming up soon~
feel so satified after not blogging for a long time because of damn viscom, but now that folio is in I am forever free!

loving this song:029:


  1. happy birthday twinniebaby and may the best for all to come xxxxxxx
    ps: look forward to your present ehehe(?)

  2. Happy belated bday hun :)

  3. @megu
    okok i will :D x

    thank you c~ x


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