Monday, September 26, 2011

Bloggers birthday party

Just a sweet post about today's birthday picnic for Melody / bloggers meetup for Melbournians:012: which was held at Botanic Gardens amongst the trees, flowers and wonderful weather. we basically just chatted, pigged out, and played random dangerous games (only the guys)...

can't be stuffed tagging

It was nice meeting all of you :032: especially melody who i failed to meet at manifest beforehand, but now it's all good, and she's a lovely person:040:


After the picnic, I met up with megu who I haven't seen in a very long time:050:we exchanged birthday presents, and hauled a bit at daiso

the small presents she got me, y u get me so much?
minimised list:
- 3x pencil cases
- 3x nail polishes
- 5x pink hair accessories
- black glasses
- a lovely 3d pop up card~

can't thank her enough, so I'm gonna get her a massive christmas present (price not size):033:

what i came home with:
- magazine rack
- cotton puffs
- screen protector
- earphones
- fringe clips
- rose hairtie
- bobby pin case

also my very simple eye make for the day:

products used:
- eyeko graffiti eyeliner
- fibrewig mascara here
- daiso no.2 lashes (cut in half)
- shu uemura curler

that's all for today, thanks for reading byee:019:


    And you are so much sweeter <3 thanks for the present !! Also ahahaha, guys and their dangerous games >.>"! loool xP

    xD You got earphones ! after we were talking about it today ..but I forgot who said what ;s

  2. @melody
    it was my pleasure~
    keke, i saw it and i thought it would be perfect for you :D
    lolol gooa no one got injured badly...
    yesyes, i'll try these ones out after like all the other 23432 i have at home ;__;
    lol, neither with all the people there T^T x

  3. uwahhh looks like you guys had alot of fun! i will... self-invite myself next time?? /forever loner ;o;
    ahaha i didn't get you that much... but that's probably because i like to buy presents beforehand, eg if i see something i know ___ will like i will just buy that and save it up for ___'s birthday etc.
    yes i have a strong hate for disorganised last minute shopping!
    and thank you for the present! best present ever (hello beautiful brows ehehe)
    love youuu xxxxxxx

  4. @megu
    lolol invite yourself :D
    ohhhh right~ lols
    lovely blonde brows >8D xx

  5. Happy Birthday ^^~
    Seems like you had a great day :D.
    I was planning to go to Daiso today, but I didn't have enought ime ><.
    The cotton pads, are those the ones you can pull apart; they have 4 or 5 layers that you can pull apart.
    Sorry if I don't make sense -_- haha.

  6. @tea2tu
    it wasnt my birthday party, but it was my birthday sometime ago, so thank :)
    daiso lovers, ehh like layers of cotton fluff? i think


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