Wednesday, September 28, 2011

thank you

thanks everyone, I've just hit 50 followers:025: love you guys heaps:028:
so anyone want a giveaway? :044:

btw, please check out my sale if you haven't done so yet:014:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


just getting rid of a few things in my room

- everything is in Australian Dollars (AUD) check here for your exchange rate
- no refund or exchanges
- everything is as you see it
- postage fee of $7 or free postage when you spend over $25 (Australians)
- postage will be calculated according to your country (Internationals)
- paypal or bank transfer (CBA)
- i am willing to lower the price, as long as you express interest, haggling = okay

order form:
payment type:

so contact me via facebook, messaging me below in the comments section or email me at lissy_bear_xox[at]
happy browsing:029:


Authentic DKNY top $13
size: childrens L (adult S)
worn twice
contains sparkles

Gatsby purple hair wax (wild shake) $8
grape scented
10% used

dollywink sweet girly lashes $7 here
one set only
glue not included
clear band

strawberry sponge curler free
used once
tutorial here

tell me you want these in your order

hello kitty pen/pencil lids $1 for all
keeps your pencil case clean

pita-ten manga $4 each or $15 for all
all books from 1-8
in great condition

lower prices accepted

more to come~

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bloggers birthday party

Just a sweet post about today's birthday picnic for Melody / bloggers meetup for Melbournians:012: which was held at Botanic Gardens amongst the trees, flowers and wonderful weather. we basically just chatted, pigged out, and played random dangerous games (only the guys)...

can't be stuffed tagging

It was nice meeting all of you :032: especially melody who i failed to meet at manifest beforehand, but now it's all good, and she's a lovely person:040:


After the picnic, I met up with megu who I haven't seen in a very long time:050:we exchanged birthday presents, and hauled a bit at daiso

the small presents she got me, y u get me so much?
minimised list:
- 3x pencil cases
- 3x nail polishes
- 5x pink hair accessories
- black glasses
- a lovely 3d pop up card~

can't thank her enough, so I'm gonna get her a massive christmas present (price not size):033:

what i came home with:
- magazine rack
- cotton puffs
- screen protector
- earphones
- fringe clips
- rose hairtie
- bobby pin case

also my very simple eye make for the day:

products used:
- eyeko graffiti eyeliner
- fibrewig mascara here
- daiso no.2 lashes (cut in half)
- shu uemura curler

that's all for today, thanks for reading byee:019:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

moving to...

decided to move to a new address for my blog:012:

so yeah, see you guys there:014:

Monday, September 19, 2011

laguna moon

Got my hands on some items from lovely cindy tangs' shop, badbarbie which is based in Australia *woot*. Their service was fantastic; communication, price, quality, you name it:019: I bought the dyed floral, and the white lace blouse.

What the dyed floral looked like on the website:

what I got:
exactly the same:051:
even came with the murua tag and looks legit to me

what the white lace blouse looked like on the website:

what I got:
exactly the same, once again

wore it the other day, and everyone said the lace back was amazing~

The items that I received were 100% the same as described on their website, so I give them 5/5 for everything:016: can't wait til they get more stock in:017:

gets + birthday presents

as some of you may know, I turned 17 last week:041: but, no I didn't have a party because I didn't feel that special:050: oh well 18 next year :012:

best present ever this year (from parents)a Canon powershot G12
all the pictures in this post are taken with baby G12

from my omma (kelly)
a really cute rilakkuma bin:018:

other presents are coming soon~

also won an ebay bid the other day, felt so proud, and also came on the day of my birthday :051:
I was contemplating about whether what I won was legit, but seriously for $4 who would care?

le legit wc 'I love play' tee, even came with a bag :047:
can't wait to wear it out :043:

Bought some badbarbie items, and that post will be coming up soon~
feel so satified after not blogging for a long time because of damn viscom, but now that folio is in I am forever free!

loving this song:029:
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