Saturday, August 27, 2011

on rainy days~

I think I've spent a bit too much these days , also need a new camera since mine fell on the ground and well broke:050:oh wells some photos will be shit quality because I had to use my phone camera :052:

daiso and chemist haul:
-cute cosmetics case
-eyeliner coat
-telephone-wire hairties
-falsies no.2 (cut these in half so they're now accent lashes)
- sock glue
-hair cutting scissors
-heel grips

lovely chain scarf from miscshop

outfit from last week
got quite a few stares from this don't know why

jacket: no brand
cardigan: no brand
blouse: supre
sdenim shorts: stradivarious
high-heeled oxfords: wittners

also, in the next few days there'll be a post on Manifest since it deserves a whole post~byeee


  1. your outfit is cute! maybe that's why you got a few stares :P
    whoaaaa so there is a such thing as sock glue!
    i should get some :D maybe there is hope for me and knee high socks ;-; lol!

  2. @fern
    thank you~~~
    havent used it yet, but i bet it'll be amazing, so goodbye to pulling up socks :D x


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