Monday, August 29, 2011


As you Melbournians may know that last week was Manifest which is an anime convention festival thing, and I tried going as decora this time:026:

I love this photo stolen from facebook
btw its also the only shot of my outfit, since my camera broke :050:

also my eyemake of the day
lashes used:
-Dollywink No.2 lashes
-random bottom lashes from some magazine

and my haul, I guess you're wondering where's all the anime shit?:052:
well I didn't find many good stalls this time, so yeah just some rilakkuma and other characters:041:

-Kiiroitori cupcake plushie
-Kapibarasan pancake keyring
-Rilakkuma+misdo figurine
-Korilakkuma cupcake keyring
-Rilakkuma bell
-Carebear necklace

What's best about Manifest are the stares you get from people afterwards:012: but because there were so many people there this time, it made it really hard to find let alone recognise people:049: so disappointed that I didn't find Melody:050: oh wells it was a fabulous day, and next year I'll see what cosplay I can come up with:001:



  1. the stalls werent so exciting this year~ :'(
    but oh well~
    i think i remember seeing you here and there! xD

    ahhh such bad timing for your camera to break ><

  2. @fern
    mmm i know T^T hope next year will be better
    really? haha 8D
    I know, but accidents do happen :S

  3. Aww you both look adorable! Love how you did your hair :} Ah I was wondering what 'Melludee' was tweeting about on twitter. C:

  4. ;____; I can't believe we didn't get to meett! Eughh! Next year we will definitely actually plan a time to meet so we won't leave it up to chance xPP ehe

    And ahaaa <3 you look so cuteee !

  5. @london's beauty
    thanks lol it was just piggytails and a bunch of clips.

    I know D: so sad o_____o; thank you~~ x

  6. kekeke wifey looks very cute over there! ♥
    the kapibara pancake keyring looks delicious, get me one to match yours bebe! xxx

  7. @megu
    nawww there was only one D: but if I see one I will :D x

  8. You guys look so cute~!
    I love the dollywink 2 eyelashes~! They're one of my favorite pairs. <3
    I also love the stares from anime cons, LOL.
    Followed your cute blog~!! <3 Looking forward to more cute posts in the future!

  9. @アリス
    me too! theyre very comfy :)
    LOL especially on the train, thanks again ~

  10. is that you on the header? tooo cute :D

    BTW, you have a very nice blog.
    Definitely going to follow you :D
    And also, I'm having my 1,300 Followers international giveaway.
    I hope you can join :)
    1,400 Followers Giveaway!

  11. @misskatv
    lol no, its a designer T^T
    thank you~ coolios :D

  12. AWEEEE KAPIBARA san goodies! I've always wanted to buy kapibara-san merchandise but I couldn't find it here >______<

  13. So cute! That cupcake plush is jumbo sized!! xD

  14. @lina
    kapibarasan items are really rare here too, so i was really glad to find it :D

    lolol yes jumbo size :D


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