Saturday, August 6, 2011

and finally...

my long awaited legendary shu uemura eyelash curlers are finally in my hands:016: thanks to sasa who was always out of these curlers, I had to wait like 2 months to get these :023: but they are now mine for only $15 instead of $38 which is what you would pay at the david jones counter:049:

tada, so happy now:044:
now its goodbye to tokuya curler and hello to shu uemura:007:

bought black patent heels for my upcoming formal:019:
these are just 7cm heels because I want to walk not shuffle like in higher heels, also got a vip card, so next time I can get 10% off RRP:051:

and new canvas ballet shoes from Bloch

so happy with these gets:001: my formal is in a few weeks, can't wait~
and because I hate you guys I'm gonna give you this song, jksjks love you:018: byeee


  1. yay for getting the shu emura curlers! got them for a pretty good bargain!
    the heels look so comfy
    Krissy xoxo

  2. Congrats on shu emura curlers!!! Although others might see that its just an eye lash curlers, def changed my life (eyelashes lol) !!! I love them. :3 Cute shoes!!

  3. gorgeous heels! you can never go wrong with beautiful glossy black!
    ohhhhh hurray for sasa order in! about time, i swear waiting is probably the biggest online shopping con ehehe xxxxxx

  4. @Krissy
    yes its very pricey here D: and thanks

    thank you! i tested them out and...omg no words needed :D

    thanks! glossy all the way~ mhmm, worst thing ever D;

  5. Ahh! I need some of those black patent shoes for workkk ;__; *steals yours*

  6. @Melody
    haha, these are really comfy and I hope work goes well :)

  7. I love 2ne1! ^^

    those shoes look nice! I've been searching for something like that ^^


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