Monday, August 29, 2011


As you Melbournians may know that last week was Manifest which is an anime convention festival thing, and I tried going as decora this time:026:

I love this photo stolen from facebook
btw its also the only shot of my outfit, since my camera broke :050:

also my eyemake of the day
lashes used:
-Dollywink No.2 lashes
-random bottom lashes from some magazine

and my haul, I guess you're wondering where's all the anime shit?:052:
well I didn't find many good stalls this time, so yeah just some rilakkuma and other characters:041:

-Kiiroitori cupcake plushie
-Kapibarasan pancake keyring
-Rilakkuma+misdo figurine
-Korilakkuma cupcake keyring
-Rilakkuma bell
-Carebear necklace

What's best about Manifest are the stares you get from people afterwards:012: but because there were so many people there this time, it made it really hard to find let alone recognise people:049: so disappointed that I didn't find Melody:050: oh wells it was a fabulous day, and next year I'll see what cosplay I can come up with:001:


Saturday, August 27, 2011

on rainy days~

I think I've spent a bit too much these days , also need a new camera since mine fell on the ground and well broke:050:oh wells some photos will be shit quality because I had to use my phone camera :052:

daiso and chemist haul:
-cute cosmetics case
-eyeliner coat
-telephone-wire hairties
-falsies no.2 (cut these in half so they're now accent lashes)
- sock glue
-hair cutting scissors
-heel grips

lovely chain scarf from miscshop

outfit from last week
got quite a few stares from this don't know why

jacket: no brand
cardigan: no brand
blouse: supre
sdenim shorts: stradivarious
high-heeled oxfords: wittners

also, in the next few days there'll be a post on Manifest since it deserves a whole post~byeee

Sunday, August 21, 2011

help me~

I think it's about time I changed my blog name, so please select one of the choices below, or you can comment other suggestions, thanks

What should be my new blog name/web address?
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

ugly crust

uno, due, tre, la pizza time :027: first time having pizza from Crust, as my fussy-eating friend recomended it to me and...

chicken and avocado pizza, omg drools so good:021:

also received my second order from miscshop some items not shown

- super warm black leggings
- braided headband
- crown earrings

and here's what the earrings look like, you can get them here:
really cool right? the dangling crown is on the earring backing

that's all for now, can't wait til my formal which is in a few weeks:046:

byee, thanks for reading~

Saturday, August 6, 2011

and finally...

my long awaited legendary shu uemura eyelash curlers are finally in my hands:016: thanks to sasa who was always out of these curlers, I had to wait like 2 months to get these :023: but they are now mine for only $15 instead of $38 which is what you would pay at the david jones counter:049:

tada, so happy now:044:
now its goodbye to tokuya curler and hello to shu uemura:007:

bought black patent heels for my upcoming formal:019:
these are just 7cm heels because I want to walk not shuffle like in higher heels, also got a vip card, so next time I can get 10% off RRP:051:

and new canvas ballet shoes from Bloch

so happy with these gets:001: my formal is in a few weeks, can't wait~
and because I hate you guys I'm gonna give you this song, jksjks love you:018: byeee

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mr. Simple

thank you to those randoms who gave out free ice tea's at box hill station:046: mango flavoured green tea mmmm:027:

also bought the february issue of popteen that i missed out on, so now i have to whole collection of this years :025: hah OCD much? and even better, i got that issue for only $8 wooo:001:

ootd from a few days ago:
jacket: Gap
shorts: no brand
fur legwarmers: no brand
scarf: no brand

and i'll finish off with Super Junior's newest song, Mr. Simple:007: thanks for reading this short post :017:

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