Friday, July 22, 2011

Review: Schwarzkopf Osis+ Dust It

So here's a review of the Schwarzkopf Dust It thing I bought from miscshop a few days ago, here :026:(and what megu had asked for)

and this is what it basically looks like (btw its only 10g)

now onto the review (the results aren't that good because I did it on one of those days where you need to wash your hair...but yeah please bare with it) :037:

before and after shots: (only did my right side, which is your left)

so all you do, it sprinkle the powder onto the roots of your hair, or alternatively on the palms of your hands and then...scrunch/rub/massage your hair to create texture like gatsby, and then you're done:045:

- matt-looking
- simple and easy
- no sticky-ness
- doesn't weigh hair down
-nice shaker design

- no frangrance
- availability (haven't seen them in aussie stores yet)

overall, its a 9/10 for me :029:


  1. woop thank you for the review bebe! no sticky residue is defiantly a plus but ehhhh i MIGHT buy it if it ever makes it's way to australia but for the mean time, i don't think i need anymore styling products than i already own (and never use) :/

  2. @megu
    no problem :) lol itll probably take a few months for it to hit the aussie shelves...
    omg samee i have like 4 tubs of gatsby from ages ago ><

  3. Ah I love dry shampoo/these powders/whatever! This one looks nice. I think maaaaybe I've seen it around, not sure. Gonna look now!

  4. @Jenny
    lol yeah, just these dandruff-looking powders :D
    im pretty sure america would have it :)

  5. ooohh looks nice ;o.
    gotta try this out sometime :3


  6. I've tried this one at the hairdresser's once. It worked wonders on my hair ! Looked like a superstar! ^^

    Oni & Giri <3

  7. Very helpful review. Thanks!

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