Tuesday, July 19, 2011

good bye baby~

second day of term 3 today, omg :031: anyways received my order (not sponsored) from miscshop their shipping was quite fast, and it was easy to contact them. So here's what I got:

- two pairs of cute socks here
- Schwarzkopf osis+ dust it here (not sold in australia yet)

and including shipping these items where $21 considering domestic shipping is quite pricey:035:but then again, you can't ask for everything to be what you want it to be :030:
There's quite a lot of items in miscshop, and they always update their products which is another plus, and their stock ranges from stocking to bags, and are all priced reasonably

Also got the most recent popteen issue, and thanks to my Visual Communication teacher who was absent, I got to pick it up from the city at lunch and hung out in the city since there was no class:001:

looking at the cover just makes we wanna go back to hawaii for another holiday:052:

and one of my favourite pages:012:

loving Miss A's new song, good bye baby~~


  1. LOL cutiebear socks <3 how adorable

  2. @C.
    lol yeah, glad they spelt each word right :D

  3. Those socks are adorable and I really like the cover of this issue of Popteen. I'm super stressed and drained already from school ;____;

  4. cute cute socks! i have a few pair of animal socks myself though it's such a waste to wear them if you aren't showing their faces, ehhh! review on schwarzkopf osis+ please! xxxx

    eta: i finished writing comment but the post comment page didn't load and i just left it sitting there for like 5 hours haha sorry ;I;

  5. i love character socks :3 i bought so many when i went to korea :D lol i like the new miss A video as well :D

  6. @vonn-e
    same same its really summery :D homg seriously dont even mention it D:

    yeah, but once you take your shoes off it's cute to the max :D mmm sure thing...when i have time :S

    yayy me too, i want to visit korea some day :) lolol same, and suzy looks very pretty in it :D

  7. Ahhh cute socks ! xD
    Hmm, I like this issue of Popteen's cover! I might go get it .. <3

  8. @Melody
    thanks 8D
    go get it, and it makes your cringe for summer D:

  9. the dust thingy isnt sold in australia?! i thought it was xD

    ahhh~ my fav part of the mag if the section where they connect eyelashes with others! :D

  10. wow the things you got are so lovely <3
    and arwww i want the new popteen issue toooo <3
    i totally LOVE the cover <3

    do you want to join my giveaway`?

  11. awee... $21 for shipping, that's quite pricey >.< but I like your socks, they're cute~ ^^ I have one that resembles yours ^^

  12. @Fern
    umm haven't seen them in priceline or anything...
    omg samesame :D and they make it so pretty ^^

    thanks, samee it's a bit different from the other covers, but i really like this one :D
    i've already joined, thanks nene^^

    well $21 was for everything+shipping, then again its australia... yayy more cute socks :D

  13. So many cute things ~! I'm loving the socks <3

  14. Thanks ! :D
    Sorry, your comment on mine got deleted coz i had to repost my post D:

    btw ! cute socks !! :D



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