Sunday, June 19, 2011

zara visit & ootd

can't believe that Zara opened on Bourke st the other day, omg first store here in melbourne :044: but somehow I was dissapointed with the designs they had, as they seemed a little plain?:052: I liked the HongKong one way better... :053:

lining up :035:

jumper: w*c
shirt: no brand
jeans: dotti
necklace: phantasya

no feeling very well today, becauase I have a slight headache and I think I pulled a muscle somewhere in my leg:042: so I'll be going to bed now even though it's so early :024:

thanks for reading~


  1. they also opened a Sydney one a several weeks ago!
    I haven't been yet, apparently it was crazy packed at the opening and it still is o__o
    waaaah! I want that WC sweater >w<

  2. @alycie
    lol yeah you sydneyers got it before us :) when i went it was really squishy D: ngng
    thanks i love it too and it's just so cute ^^


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