Thursday, June 30, 2011

sasa gets

finally got my products I ordered from sasa, but I'm still waiting on the Shu Uemura curler to be instock :002: ...more waiting :035:
anyways, here is what I ordered along with megu, so we could combine our shipping:051:

-Koji Linequeen liquid eyeliner here
- Dejavu Fiberwig paint-on false lashes extra long here
- Koji eyelash fix (white to clear) here
- Dollywink eyelashes no.2 (sweet girly) here

oh how I love these products, and they are like 1/3 of the price here:051: and I tested out the fiberwig mascara today, so it should be up tomorrow :017:

tomorrow is the last day of school for term 2, which means a fortnight of holidays is coming up :001: and that means, shopping shopping shopping:034:


  1. Sasa has great prices! I compared their prices to stores here, great deals on sasa I must say.

    ♥ 2ne1

    - Janel

  2. @Janel
    yeah they do, that's why i buy all my asian products from them :)


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