Wednesday, June 1, 2011

recent hauls + wc gets

the massive box that came today, with...

JANG JANG my taobao gets :045:
can you spot the two w*c items? fufu:021: (btw these are replicas)
can't wait to wear these out :001:

and who said a 17 year old can't wear kids pjs?
biggest kids size (14) of minnie pjs :012: coz I'm such a cool kid

and I should get back to completing my folio, since it's due on friday :049:


  1. please do wear next time we have a date ;-)

  2. how did u get those? =D
    i want to order from taobao too but i don't know how to pay..

  3. @Kelly_konomi
    i got my dad to buy them for me when he was in china, but i've used an agent once, and it was quite good -
    and there are others you can choose from :)


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