Sunday, June 26, 2011

gets from the past few days

dear supre, I am really happy that you now have some nice items of clothing; intead of your slutty, shit-quality and overpriced items , but I must say that I am in love with this blouse I bought from you which is simple and cute :008:

(sorry for the dark pic)
how cute is this oba-kawa style blouse?
and for $35 and made in ausland, i like :046:

and a mini straightner for those annoying bits of hair that flick in retarded ways
and this was $19.94 from big w :012:

last week of school to go :001: I passed all my exams which is good, and now I can relax:010:, byee


  1. beautiful blouse! ♥
    australia should be ashamed that supre got knocked down and zara was placed there instead ahaha

    oh lord why do i have PUCHUR HANDS UP in my ipod? this is bad

  2. @megu
    thank you~
    LOL totally and wait til myer and david jones go aswell lol

    ohhh thats bad engrish


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