Monday, June 27, 2011

gets and meet up with twin

There's still 4 more days until holidays start, so like hell I'm gonna study :030: so I went to the city and met up with megu who I haven't in a very long time:049:

bought somethings before meeting up with her:
a folder with 5 pockets - tokuya
blistex lip balm and sally hansen nail art pen - priceline
now with this lip balm I dont have to stick my finger in the pots they normally come in, hygiene hygiene:051:

first up puri (as usual)

and easyway:044:
oh how we love peach green tea + pearls:018:

Can't believe that this is my second post in a row :031: woot, anyways thanks for reading


  1. peach green tea + pearls = ultimate indulgence baby ♥

  2. OH YEH! You high school kiddies have holidays soon! I nearly forgot x3 heeh. And ahhh ! I feel like taking purikura :(

  3. ohh the puris looks so cute!!! <3
    and pearltea is super yummy !!! :D
    i love it too ^^/
    my fav. is caramel milk tea with tapioka hehe :D

  4. @Melody
    LOLOL high school kiddies :DD
    go take some puri, photoworld has a new one in but they havent constructed it yet T^T

  5. @~*NeNe*~
    thank you nene~ <3
    pearltea love haha
    caramel milk tea tastes so good, should really try it sometime, thanks for the tip :DD

  6. OMG I hate the pots of lip gloss etc too! I try not to buy them but I do often end up with them. Hate the sticky finger after applying the stuff too :P

  7. @Jenny
    yes! someone else who hates lipgloss pots that make your fingers sticky :D


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