Thursday, May 5, 2011

think I did quite well on my maths test today :012: hope i get good scores for once:050:and I reckon that I'll end up liking this week...

now gets from the past few days:

i has leopard feet:001:

i has sasa order:
- leopard bow
- covercom face powder

and i has April & May Popteen:018:
(sorry Kangakanga but box hill still cheaper than you :023:)

Along with school work and two new magazines, I think I'll be occupied for awhile :034:


  1. the leopard slippers are so cute! totally should design shoes you can wear outside like that ehehe///
    btw coming to raid your house on sunday xxx

  2. Are those slippers!? Hahjahahha funky fun!

  3. @Jenny&@Megu
    haha yeah theyre slipper, like the crocs material ones :D


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