Tuesday, April 19, 2011

today's yummy-ness

went out to the city today with megu, who I haven't seen in a bazillion years:021:
with epic laughter and walking around we survived the day:010:

make you guys hungry with my delicious gyu don from Menya at Melbourne Central, and peach green tea with aloe from Easyway :027:

and last but not least another visit to daiso, and i came back with a pair of fluffy thermal shorts? :019: (my second pair, and i love them) and some spray that will make your nailpolish dry faster :051: which means no more redoing smudged nails or waiting ages for them to dry anymore:025:

and of course the day consisted of purikura, but i can't be stuffed uploading them:050:sorry :052:

thanks for reading:015:


  1. ooh are these shorts very comfortable? for which occasion do you use them?

    ShuShu ♥

  2. @ShuShu ♥
    they are comfortable to the max! nice and fluffy, umm i wear them in winter like under skirts or you can wear them as roomwear i guess :)

    easyway!! love it

  3. :( gyudon... I'M SO HUNGRY HERE WAHWAH!

    Those shorts look crazy comfy :O

  4. @Jenny
    hahah sorry made you hungry jenny ;)

    they are, nice and fluffy~


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