Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Review: Clearturn White Essence Mask

first review:012: and I'll be reviewing the Clearturn masks I bought from Sasa as seen in the last post

Description: (from Sasa) KOSE Clearturn White Essence Mask contains a powerful whitening ingredient: barley which helps brighten skin tone, improve the skin metabolism rate and strengthen skin cells functioning.

Its improved stretchy design, it will fit your face even more perfectly. The fabric used contain can retain more essence so that all the nutrient are lock between your skin and the mask, allow all the essence to penetrate across the dermal layers.

After application, your skin will have better protection against dark pigment formation and avoid loss of moisture. Your skin will be smooth and soft with a natural glow.

It's priced at only $11 US for 26 pieces:016: so cheap:051: and it can be bought here and it's made in Japan :026:

(so sorry if I look freaky here:037:)

a bit too wide for my face (as usual) but other than that, it felt quite snug on my face, and didn't fall of or anything, and it also has little eye-flaps that you can cover your eyelids with so you get a full mask effect

no scent at all, which is great if you hate the smell of artificial fragrances

Mask itself:
Made my skin alittle whiter (which was what I was after) :051:I don't have sensitive skin, so I don't know how it will react on others, but I think they didn't add enough of the mask liquid on; so you can see that the mask was a bit dry in the picture:023:

Great if you're after some cheap masks, want a whitening effect, and have your skin feeling soft and whiter from the mask, repurchase? YES :046:


  1. nice review ^^ ive always wondereed what whitening masks would be like :3

  2. oh i'd like to try them out, too *~*

    ShuShu ♥

  3. 第一个review不错哦!

  4. @mg。
    谢谢 :)

  5. ehehehe you look so cute with the face mask on!! ..unlike me! i terrifly everyone in my family when i'm doing face mask ><

  6. @amanda
    lol thank you~
    dw i freak my dad out all the time with masks >8D

  7. ahhh i miss daiso and those shorts look adorable! love this post! xo


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