Monday, April 11, 2011

exhibition expedition + hauls

first day of my april holidays, starts with an exhibition expedition:045: to Top Designs at Melbourne Museum for my Visual Communication folio:042: ehh schoolwork:035: but it turned out quite well because I was accompanied by Sophie and Nat :032: (I would have taken a few pics of the amazing exhibition but photos were prohibited :037: )

we then had lunch at some Japanese shop in Melbourne Central :027: where I had a Sapporo ramen :027: and stole some brochures and business cards from around the place for our folios:046: and ended up shopping for the rest of the day:026:

Daiso mascara, Rilakkuma:041: pacer and plushie :018:

When I came back home, a mysterious white box was waiting for me :031: it contained


my first sasa haul :001: (some are mums)

- Clearturn white essence masks
- Rose of Heaven hand and body milk
- Kose airy-whip
- Natural Juju aloe milk
- Natural Juju aloe toner
(shall be reviewing these products soon:021:)


  1. ahaha surprised people still go to daiso, i thought everyone will probably be paranoid about the radiation leak but that's probably just me :/

    tell me lis, just exactly how many mascaras do you have now? ;o;

  2. @megu
    haha just you are paranoid :S
    umm two o-o chucked one out and gave one to a friend? ;x;

  3. Oh I wonder how Daiso's mascara is?! If it's good that would be awesome!! Cheap & good! XD

  4. tthe girls in the video look so cute :(i never new daiso did mascara or even makeup!


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