Sunday, March 13, 2011

oh japan

I'm sure that you've all heard about the Japan incident, really tragic earthquakes, tsunamis and explosions :023: But lucky my friend who lives in Japan told me that she was fine, and even felt some after shocks in where she lives :052::050:

anways, on to some happier things. Last week I bought this months Popteen, and omg I love this one:016: maybe because it has a LizLisa mini book inside :046:

also, ootd on what I wore to chinese school, just something simple because it was 29degrees today

halterneck: top honeys
starry top: honeys
shorts: gift
shoes (if you can see them): converse
necklace: honeys

The other day my friend gave me a piece of new mentos aqua kiss gum (sounds like the Japanese watering kissmint gum), even thought we're not meant to have gum at school :042: I think she bought this from 7-11? and is was quite nice, 3 flavours in one....

sorry for the shit quality from my ipod :035: tomorrow will be Labour Day public holiday, so I get a break from school :001: but then again I have to catch up on homework:030: so no real holiday for me then:029:


  1. cute co-ord there! ;o;
    honeys girl you are twin, sigh

    what do you mean shitty ipod photos?? i thought the ipod camera was legendary! :Va

    and let's all #prayforjapan

  2. Ahhh *-*
    I really like that issue of Popteen *v* ! <3 teehe. And ahhhhhh, that gum looks so nice. I wanna go buy it !

  3. @megu
    haha arigato ^^ yummay hunny
    they are shit, oh and the cameras only 0.7 mp o-o

    yes prayforjapan m(_ _)m

  4. @Melody
    i know right? cant wait for the april one *_*
    its quite nice, sorta like fruit salad??

  5. wow the gum looks yummy i wanna try that flavour :3 i hope everything gets better in japan :9

  6. @Hello Naka
    it actually was quite yummy :)
    yes i hope that no more disasters happen there anymore...

  7. popteen~~~<3 :D
    and yaysss i want to try the gum noww!

  8. Wow so hot out! Hard to dress for such heat I know xD

    I keep watching the news on Japan, so heartbreaking even after so many days have passed.

  9. Pray for japan........

    Love your lizlisa floral top :)

  10. Pretty pretty! Love your outfit. And the magazines. :)

    Pray for Japan. <3


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