Friday, February 4, 2011

semester one love

received my timetable at school today, and I gotta say I LOVE IT :025:
loving school?:030: hah, no but seriously I have a gazzilion spares/frees :001:

LOOK AT ALL THE WHITE :016: 14 :043:

all thanks to flexitime:051: and doing Chinese SL outside :012:


  1. You're in Year11 now right? (I think)
    FFFFFF- I'm so jealous. All you damn people with the SL outside of school !!! AOHSFOIASHFOIHAOSHF ;__________;

  2. @Melody
    yup and doing two 3&4 subjects );
    muahahaha LOL yeah but i wish i had more in the last two periods T^T

  3. /reply/ ;A; siffff see at Manifest and not say hi D; loloololl! i didnt dance xD but i think i might be this year :S

  4. @Melody
    haha i saw you but i was too scared to say hi :s
    yayyy do you know when it will be this year?


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