Tuesday, February 1, 2011

new candy doll

Tsubasa's Candy Doll line will be selling a base makeup line soon :018:
with the following concealer, liquid foundation, powder foundation, and makeup primer base:009:

pictures taken from her blog

ahh she looks to cute, i love her :007:


  1. as expected from dollywink ;o;♥
    simple but cute packaging! hmmmm we really should start buying online because the stockists here tend to do real good at ripping people off ;__;

  2. @megu
    hahah yeah, pink and black my favs :D
    mmm yeah, but i heard it goes on sale in like april D;
    totally! at the box/asian shops here they could ask for $50-60!!

  3. @lissy

    i know right? fffff $80 at its worst! ;__;
    and the problem is it's sold cheap in japan and they are making MORE than 100% profit :/a

  4. @megu
    homg yes!
    D; they earn so muchios T^T

  5. Packaging is always so cuteeeeeeeee!
    Want but so expensive ;;

  6. @Melody
    ahh i know D;
    the only thing I have is their lash case and that was $10 D;


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