Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a must-go-see

The other day, mum bought ticket's to see the show Shen Yun. Oh and don't worry this isn't some asian crap from China... this is an amazing show from New York and we've seen this show ever since they first toured in Australia for about 4 years now:014:

This year they're performing in Regent theatre in the first week of March, I can't wait :016: and they're also performing in Sydney til the end of this month.
This is the best show I've ever seen, no offence to all the ballets I've seen but they can get really boring with the same Swan Lake, Coppelia etc. (and Lion King wasn't all that great for me either...) but with Shen Yun, you can watch an all new show each year they tour in Australia,so don't forget your tickets :045:


  1. gwaaaaah, i'd really like to see the show, too >.< it's an actual must-go-see, hehe :D maybe I'll ask my mommy going to the show together as an birthday present :3 have fun!

    ShuShu ♥

  2. @ShuShu ♥
    OMG you should! awww great bday present then :) i think they're performing in germany at the end of feb?

  3. Ooooh this looks amazing *-* I saw it being advertised around Glenny ~

  4. hehe this looks so cool! something like this would never come to perth T__T

  5. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! p.s beautiful video, I love chinese culture, it's so rich.

  6. @DAKOTA
    haha thank youu
    LOL i know right? >D

  7. wow it looks amazing!!!!
    i wish i could go there too ><

  8. @~*NeNe*~
    you so should!
    i can't wait to see it next week >D


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