Thursday, January 6, 2011

very late HNY

omg very late post, but HAPPY NEW YEAR :016: make this year one of your best, and live the coming 365 days to the max:044:

anyways, on the 3rd i went to twinnies for a NY party/get together which ended at about 2am the next morning :024: , the 6 of us went to a nearby park at 9pm, played on some epic see-saw/365 swinging around thing....don't ask me what it's called :036: , ran around on the oval and some got wet because they ran under sprinklers :052: , went back home and played monopoly where some epic moments happened, eg. monopoly money flying into a piano... yeah that's really it for that night:030:

today i received my ipod case that i had ordered on ebay about a week ago:026:
and it also came with a 'free' screen protector :017:

and now it's all hello kitty-afied :018:

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