Sunday, January 23, 2011

LL items

received my first Liz Lisa items and ranzuki lashes today, which i got from taobao a few weeks ago :041:

not sure if the top is a copy of LL or not :052:, but the skirt is real LL :017:

tomorrow might rain, when i'm meeting up with twinnie :039: hope we'll be nice and dry :021:


  1. ;O can you pass the link to liz lisa items from taobao :D ? xo you should post pics with you trying them on !

  2. @Melody
    hmm dont really remember the astual sites i got them from, but i looked at these:
    btw because it's from china the product might not look like the picture..o-o

    haha sure will XD

  3. ahaha i see now!
    you looked very very classy today m'dear (◉ิ◞౪◟◉ิ)

  4. sooo cuteeee *nosebleed* you show do a who photoshoot of yourself wearing them with your fave accessories - not in the creepy way of course T___T I love the entire oufit, its very well picked. kekeke

  5. @Maki
    haha thank you maki ^^
    mmmm good idea 8)
    teehee thanks again :D


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