Friday, January 28, 2011

warning, learner

I PASSED:016: my learner's test that is :030: with 81% :036: thought I could have done better, but I passed and that's all that matters :021:

Now this means I can start driving :025:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

past two days

Yesterday I met up with megu (twinnie) who i haven't seen in ages due to random family events.
basically we just shopped and chillaxed for the whole day :010:

(waiting for the lift at kangakanga with megu)

Floral top: Liz Lisa
Skirt: Liz Lisa
Tights: Bloch
Boots: China
Bag: China


Today I had to pick up the books that i ordered from school :035: and they were soo heavy to carry back :049: but before I went, I walked to boxhill to check out if they had any popteen mags left :021: because they were sold out at kangakanga when I went yesterday :037: and I was lucky enough to grab the 2 most recent ones they had :001:

decembers's and janurary's :043:

and I'll finish off with a very catchy song that's been stuck in my head the past few days :030:

Sunday, January 23, 2011

LL items

received my first Liz Lisa items and ranzuki lashes today, which i got from taobao a few weeks ago :041:

not sure if the top is a copy of LL or not :052:, but the skirt is real LL :017:

tomorrow might rain, when i'm meeting up with twinnie :039: hope we'll be nice and dry :021:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i'm obsessed

with shrimp crackers from Daiso :007:

they taste like zomg uber yummy :027: with shrimp, prawn, squid and seeweed.
see the orange in the cracker? that's the shrimp/prawn/squid :046:

mmmm, gonna go have some more now :029:

mini sale

just selling a few things here, note: i only ship/deliver in Melbourne :042:

Lucido-L Hair Make Designing Wax
(brand new)

- made in Japan:012:
- 60g

(no stockists here in melbourne)

False lashes
(brand new)
- 2 types included; criss-cross and volume
- look great glued together :051:


Buy anything from here and get a freebie package worth over $5!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

two amazing giveaways~

first up, zhizhi's very cute hello kitty themed giveaway (^▽^*)

click on image

and Lil Patotz's Liz Lisa giveaway !

Click on image

Monday, January 10, 2011

chicken run

some of you may know that i own 3 hen's :005: with the names of Fifi, Cocoa and Dotty. These 3 have been with me for 3 years now?

Fifi, Cocoa, Dotty

they've always been good lil girls, until the other day when i let them out into the front yard to dig around and after 5 mins later found out that they disappeared :037: i panicked just a little, started calling them for ages but no one came to me and just in time the neighbour popped his head over the fence and told me that the 3 of them were in his front yard :035:. so i ran over to theirs and shooed them back after some 10 mins :042:

today they wanted to go out again, and i thought that maybe they'll be good girls this time and let them out, but later i found that they weren't there, looked in the neighbours yard but they weren't there either, walked down the street and saw them in the neighbours on our other side's yard :031::016: ZOMG

anyways, got them back, and yelled at them by wandering off (don't think they understood me, but they looked sad :050:)

oh and i don't live on a farm, i live in a very asian area:012:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

very late HNY

omg very late post, but HAPPY NEW YEAR :016: make this year one of your best, and live the coming 365 days to the max:044:

anyways, on the 3rd i went to twinnies for a NY party/get together which ended at about 2am the next morning :024: , the 6 of us went to a nearby park at 9pm, played on some epic see-saw/365 swinging around thing....don't ask me what it's called :036: , ran around on the oval and some got wet because they ran under sprinklers :052: , went back home and played monopoly where some epic moments happened, eg. monopoly money flying into a piano... yeah that's really it for that night:030:

today i received my ipod case that i had ordered on ebay about a week ago:026:
and it also came with a 'free' screen protector :017:

and now it's all hello kitty-afied :018:
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