Thursday, December 16, 2010

popsister or popteen

got myself a few things from the city today, and only 9 more days til christmas :003:

went to kangakanga and thought about getting popteen, but then i saw popsister :016: and since i can get popteen cheaper at boxhill :051: i decided to go with popsister.....AND THE COVER IS WAKATSUKI CHINATSU!!!!! probably why i got popsister aswell:030:
also got some heat protectant because mum said she'll be getting me a curler for xmas :045: ( so getting ready for that)
and an eyelash treatment from tokuya....i think its supposed to make your eyelashes grow?? who knows
and the biore make up removers were given out at flinders for FREE :012: and even guys were taking them :052:


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