Monday, December 27, 2010


just came back from Fitness First (my first time there) :043: and i tagged along with a few family friends who told mum about the FFIT ( Fitness First Initiative for Teens) which is FREE throughout the summer holidays:016:

basically all you do, is walk in, fill in a form with your parents permission, and you're ready to go, easy as that and it's all free :045:

so yeah, went on a few machines and got bored after 30 minutes :030: but i think we'll go longer next time and burn off those extra calories from our holiday-junk-eatingness :044:

the lanyard thing that we all got


  1. My brother's doing that too ^^"!
    Which Fitness First do you go to ? hahah :) GOOD LUCK WITH THE EXERCISING <3

  2. @Melody
    umm doncaster westfield
    LOLOL i will try D;


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