Friday, December 31, 2010

show luo and melbourne?

saw a poster at box hill next to bubble with show luo's face on it today, and what popped into my head was, IS HE COMING TO MELBOURNE?!?!?

came home and hoped on the net and zomg he is :025: he's performing on 8/4/2011, check out the info here

(this is the sydney poster though, couldnt find the melbourne one :036:)

but seriously the prices are hurting me and my purse.
cheapest/worst seats = $69..... and the priciest VIP = $389 :016::035:

sorry show, i'm too pov to see you :037: maybe next time when you lower your prices i'll come :030:

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

sunshiny smile

two of our sunflowers finally bloomed :044: out of the 10 we planted?:042: anyways, say hello to the two :003:

and yes, I just had to add a smiley face in it :046: doesn't it look like it's waving at you?? :045:

Monday, December 27, 2010


just came back from Fitness First (my first time there) :043: and i tagged along with a few family friends who told mum about the FFIT ( Fitness First Initiative for Teens) which is FREE throughout the summer holidays:016:

basically all you do, is walk in, fill in a form with your parents permission, and you're ready to go, easy as that and it's all free :045:

so yeah, went on a few machines and got bored after 30 minutes :030: but i think we'll go longer next time and burn off those extra calories from our holiday-junk-eatingness :044:

the lanyard thing that we all got

Saturday, December 25, 2010

christmas time

MERRY CHRISTMAS, even though I don't celebrate Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS :025:

i'll show some of the pressies i've received so far :033: (i'll be getting more when we start school again when everyone's back from their holidays) :014:

VS Sassoon curler: mum :040:
neck massager: twinnie :003:
4th gen ipod touch: dad :018: (love the cameraa :051:)

also on Christmas eve the Tawny Frogmouth Family visited us again for the 3rd time :047: the last time they visited us was about Christmas last year? so i guess they come over to ours for their Christmas holiday :044:

child, mummy and daddy :046:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

this week so far

on monday night we were invited to some Uyghur? restaurant in springvale, and the 11 of us ate half a lamb! YES HALF A LAMB :016:
at first i wasn't interested in it... but it actually tastes really nice

there you go, half a lamb, and you self serve (cut a piece yourself and eat) :052:

my new nails for a few weeks of the holidays:019:

i was very impressed with the outcome of these nails because it's my first time using deco parts on nails :041:

that's all for now, and im currently getting new curtains and i hope they'll be ready by the end of the week :021:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

popsister or popteen

got myself a few things from the city today, and only 9 more days til christmas :003:

went to kangakanga and thought about getting popteen, but then i saw popsister :016: and since i can get popteen cheaper at boxhill :051: i decided to go with popsister.....AND THE COVER IS WAKATSUKI CHINATSU!!!!! probably why i got popsister aswell:030:
also got some heat protectant because mum said she'll be getting me a curler for xmas :045: ( so getting ready for that)
and an eyelash treatment from tokuya....i think its supposed to make your eyelashes grow?? who knows
and the biore make up removers were given out at flinders for FREE :012: and even guys were taking them :052:

Monday, December 13, 2010

what do you do with 6 free doughnuts?

after picking up my report today:030: (actually did quite well...) i went to the Krispy Kreme doughnut shop on collins st and gave them my 'six delicious, free doughnuts' voucher and.....


and doughnut tower? :001:

or just eat them all :027: and omg, they were so goooood ...nice and fatning:019:

and yesterday was my dance concert performance night, and one photo from the night

tutu's :043:
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