Sunday, November 21, 2010

dolly wink-ish fabric & exams no more!

after tutor today i went to spotlight to see if they had any new fabrics :021:
and down the aisle i saw a roll of fabric that looked Dolly Wink inspired, i was like OMG MUST BUY :016:

the fabric just needs to be a little pinker :030:

. . .

on friday night we (my school friends and i) had a 'post-exam-sleepover-favourite-movie-favourite-food-night' and here are just some shots from that night :046:

haha Mr Berty who's 18 years old = 120? human years :016:

mattress trampolining with mary, kirsten and mani

so after sausages, game sand 4 movies, we tried to pull an all-nighter but some of us fell asleep at 2am whilst others slept at 4am.
well since im one of those people who cant pull all-nighters and slept at 2am, i'll say goodbye here because i have some exam review day at school tomorrow :042:


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