Tuesday, November 23, 2010

daiso once again & 2011 subjects

went to daiso again after school today, even thought we just had to hand in some forms for next year :001:

sweet honey & fresh lemon hard lollies

...........japanese ( i cant read D; )

and yes it's yellow; because honey and lemons are??

and omg, these are really nice and sweet :041: and the pricing isnt too dear either; 20 pieces for $2.80 = 14cents each? :045:

now on to school :050:

today at school we got our subjects for next year :030:

wanna know why physics is crossed out? :044: that's because i do chinese outside school, and for year 11 you can only have 6 subjects, so the coordinator told me to pick one, and of course i chose physics(YAYY NO PHYSICS!) :020: which also means i have more spares/frees next year :001:
anyways, i hope i do well in all of the subjects next year (especially viscom and chinese 3&4 :042:)


  1. はちみつ = honey
    れもん = lemon

  2. @megu
    ohhhh hahahha
    well its honey lemon then :D thanks twin

  3. yw baby (◞≼◉ื≽◟゚;益;◞≼◉ื≽◟)

    hachimitsu = honey
    remon = l-lemon...

  4. Ooooh. I hope you do well in Year 11 xD Oh gosh, I feel so oldddddd. :P But then again, you're the same age as my younger brother ! hehe

    The only similar subjects we have are Methods and English ;A; ! My other subjects were; Chem, Spesh (MGA for year11) and Jap :> I only did 5 subjects in year 12.

  5. @Melody
    aww thank yuu :D
    noooo you may be older than me but you're young on the inside >D

    :O you did so much maths D; you must be smart as (Y) haha i wanna do jap but i doing chinese....
    mmmmmmmm i think im doing 4? subjects in year 12 :D


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