Tuesday, November 30, 2010


today i slept in a little (even though its a school day:030:) and when i woke up and noticed that i wasn't feeling too well, but i told myself to go to school like a good girl for english in periods 3&4.
so when i got to school i was feeling OMG really bad and everyone was asking me how i felt :050:, and because it was recess i sat in the sun for a few minutes with my group, then the bell rang and i dragged myself to class and i had to take half a flight of stairs to get there :036:.
when i got there the teacher saw my with a very pale face and asked if i was ok, seriously i hate it when people ask you 'how are you?' when they can obviously see that you look like shit :022: but she was quite nice and said i could go out of class if i felt i had to.
so i sat there for a few minutes and started nodding off (hopefully she didn't see me :030: ), then i started to really feel like crap...not literally but yeah, so i just walked out the door and went to the toilets, and that's when nausea decided to greet me, great :049:.
then i went to the nurse, and there she was chatting on the phone to someone to remind her daughter not to forget her dance shoes, and that her undies were on top of her bag?...and no i wasn't eavesdropping she was talking 1m from me, so of course i could here what she's talking about:011:.... then like after 2 minutes she hung up and looked at me, and i told her that i just had nausea, and she gave me the :031: look and wrote me a leave pass and and and SHE KNOWS MY NAME:016: WTH :035:, scary... anyways she rang mum and mum said i could go home.
so when i got home, i literally just collapsed on the couch and fell asleep :024: , and i slept for exactly 30mins... got up, munched a few bites of my sandwich, and i'm not here typing so i guess i'm alive again YAYYY just after 30mins of sleep :046:
hopefully i'll ge all good to go to school tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

daiso once again & 2011 subjects

went to daiso again after school today, even thought we just had to hand in some forms for next year :001:

sweet honey & fresh lemon hard lollies

...........japanese ( i cant read D; )

and yes it's yellow; because honey and lemons are??

and omg, these are really nice and sweet :041: and the pricing isnt too dear either; 20 pieces for $2.80 = 14cents each? :045:

now on to school :050:

today at school we got our subjects for next year :030:

wanna know why physics is crossed out? :044: that's because i do chinese outside school, and for year 11 you can only have 6 subjects, so the coordinator told me to pick one, and of course i chose physics(YAYY NO PHYSICS!) :020: which also means i have more spares/frees next year :001:
anyways, i hope i do well in all of the subjects next year (especially viscom and chinese 3&4 :042:)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

dolly wink-ish fabric & exams no more!

after tutor today i went to spotlight to see if they had any new fabrics :021:
and down the aisle i saw a roll of fabric that looked Dolly Wink inspired, i was like OMG MUST BUY :016:

the fabric just needs to be a little pinker :030:

. . .

on friday night we (my school friends and i) had a 'post-exam-sleepover-favourite-movie-favourite-food-night' and here are just some shots from that night :046:

haha Mr Berty who's 18 years old = 120? human years :016:

mattress trampolining with mary, kirsten and mani

so after sausages, game sand 4 movies, we tried to pull an all-nighter but some of us fell asleep at 2am whilst others slept at 4am.
well since im one of those people who cant pull all-nighters and slept at 2am, i'll say goodbye here because i have some exam review day at school tomorrow :042:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2 down 3 to go.........

i just finished my english exam on Romeo & Juliet :037: and OMG i hate that book to pieces,seriously...:035: gay shakespeare...

anyways, i got my results back for my viscom exam; 69%..didn't do too well because it was sooo long (16 pages!) :042: and we had to finish it in 1.5 hours:049:

so yeah, 3 more exams to go, AND THEN I'M FREEEEEEEEEEEE YAHOOO :001:
tomorrow is science, and thursday is maths and geography :030:

anyways i should get back to studying for science:050: byeee :029:

Monday, November 8, 2010

fairybread for sweet 16's

on saturday night i went to a party held by 2 of my great friends who turned 16 :029:
about 60+ of us sang, partied, danced (some guys break-danced :045:) and ate through the night with music booming loudly in our ears :014:

and just some pictures:

and the 2 birthday girlies:028:

must say it was a great night :047: and everyone had heaps of fun :046: with the 2 pretty's who turned sweet 16 :040:
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