Friday, October 29, 2010

zoo & DAISO haul !!!

seriously who doesn't like the zoo? well, for science today we visited the Melbourne Zoo and studied animals :005: haha monkey time :063:
we arrived at about ..10? and set out to study animal behaviour:060:
studying animals started with LEMURS!!!!!

haha pro shot :062:
i got you king julian

elephant family :061:
please ignore the old man's head:059:

70+ year old giant tortoise eating lettuce :008:

cute lil meerkat :063:


after we were dismissed from the excursion i decided to go to the newly opened DAISO in richmond :057:

and the haul i came back with (just some) :029:
and just to name a few:
- volume eyelashes
- black eyelash glue :069:
- bottom lashes
- bandana
- scrunchies
- writing pad

and to make things better EVERYTHING in DAISO is $2.80 each:039:

now i can put those lashes in my Dollywink eyelash case that i got the other day :044:


well since im really tired :038: from the zoo and shopping i'll just finish here, byee :043:


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