Friday, October 22, 2010

let's go K

today was twin's belated birthday party celebration which was hosted by kathy who was soo nice to pay for all of us
so after school today we met up at F.M Karaoke bar
F.M Karaoke is a very luxurious with leather seats in the rooms and has really good sources of songs (mainly korean with some chinese, japanese and english) with great sound systems

our room...egyptian enspired?

Because me and twin go to different schools, its hard to meet each other when we want
and during the holidays we didn't meet each other because we were in different places overseas, and because our birthdays were during the holidays we decided to exchange presents here.

haha because she's a muso she wrapped it in a music piece.

and she gave me a floral cocolulu square (chinese version of cocolulu) headband hahaha

must say that im sooo happy that today was friday...


  1. does the headband suit you?? -.-

  2. haha yes it does :D
    but it wouldve been better if it was pink D;
    oh wells
    the flowers and design are really pretty..and its 'cocolulu' HAHAHAH


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