Friday, October 1, 2010

and i'm back (picture heavy)

im back from chinaland ~~~
on this trip to china, i visited hangzhou and shanghai d(>w<)b , omg miss it soo much D;

heres some random the pictures...

ALIENS????? OMG offended much? (some note we had to fill in to enter china...)

cool asian restaurant :D


asian kfc have congee for brekky? wtf

waiting for train to shanghai (not peak time amount of people :O)

a bit of Xujiahui (Shanghai) = 5 chadstones?

aunts cockatoo (how cute?)

a shopping center :O

typical supermarket

cute steamthings...

asian breakfast = buns, congee, noodles, sweets, soymilk etc. (at 一口田 )
bus; wish our ones had heaps of handles D;
slimy-leavy-plant-vegie from Xihu
dragon restaurant boat on Xihu at night

old man playing with kite at Xihu :)

Xihu (West Lake) (so prettyyy)

...asian squat toilet :S (yes, i found one that was clean)

'Please take care of you along with the belongings' - WTH?!?

viet food at citygate hong kong (aprox. = $7 au for everything shown :O )

back home T^T..just some of the clothes+ bag i bought 8)

and im back with a new phone XD
Sharp 9110OC >8D


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