Tuesday, August 24, 2010

do hobo's wear boots?

since i'm chinese i go to chinese school, and the one i go to is at mount waverley s.c.... haha just a bit about my asian-ess XD
OK back to the topic, at recess some people dared others to go up a lift which is next to one of the classrooms, so the brave ones went up came back down and yelled 'WTH THERE'S A HOBO UP THERE!' , okok we all thought it was a joke til others went up to confirm it D; and the described the hobo as a lady with blonde long hair, jeans,a shirt and no shoes...who was also cutting their toe nails WTF?. later on when recess was about to finish......
and lurked around one of the classrooms and sat next to the heater (to keep herself warm?) and ate someones snack bar which was on the floor...not only where we freaking out, but the teachers were also a little bit shocked :O
So yeah she then went to sit in the lift... and went up again >.> and the bell rang. then in class one of my friends pointed out to me 'isn't that her?' i look to the left and there i see her IN BROWN LEATHER BOOTS AND A SHOULDER BAG!!! then wth was she doing before in the building walking around without shoes and eating other peoples food????

aiyaaahh people these days, you never know who they really are


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