Wednesday, June 30, 2010

discounted stuff? i like

ok, so i've been trying to find nice adidas shoes for the past week, but all the main shops eg. foot locker, hype sell mostly nike and puma ones T^T...
anyways i went the city and found these suppa doopa cool ones at foot locker (>0<) and to make it even better they were $60 off because its June (haha i love june sales)!!!! so from being $159.95 i got them for only $99.95 hohoho \(○^ω^○)/

the other day i also got 2 new dvds from a newly opened asian place.  Gokusen and Miss No Good, even though i've watched Miss No Good on mysoju already,, i really wanted it because i loved it .

 im currently also watching Gal Circle,, which is about a cowboy from Arizona who arrives at Shibuya and in on the search for a girl named Imoko who dances Para-Para, and he also bumps into a group of gals with the name of Angel Heart....


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